Anxiety Medication Withdrawal Fail-2

To continue the series of posts about my battle with anxiety, I bring the latest medication withdrawal fail story. As I wrote here, after my last misadventure with SSRIs, I stopped taking them altogether. Since I felt fine for the next few weeks, I assumed that I don’t really need them and forgot all about … Continue reading Anxiety Medication Withdrawal Fail-2

Anxiety Medication Withdrawal Fail

As discussed before, I have been on medication to treat my GAD for the past few years. I was lucky to have found a doctor who prescribed me medication instead of sending me to therapy. The medication had been working beautifully, but I always assumed that I won’t take them forever. When I moved to … Continue reading Anxiety Medication Withdrawal Fail

The Serotonin Misadventure

Recently, I had a misadventure with my serotonin levels. As I posted earlier, I have been on Neuris¬†1mg- An Antipsychotic & Lexapro¬†5mg- An SSRI for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder since I moved to Thailand. Now, the Lexapro, in Thailand costs 15 times what it cost in India. Always one trying to cheap out, on my … Continue reading The Serotonin Misadventure

A Note on Mental Health

I have documented my struggles with mental health on this blog before. Considering the focus of the media on the mental health of famous people these days, I decided to write a longer rant about my own struggles. During my college days I was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Although I did get depressed once … Continue reading A Note on Mental Health

My Septoplasty/Turbinoplasty experience

Septoplasty: First, a little history:- I have always been prone to catching a cold/having my nose blocked since a very early age. Every 2-3 months I would catch cold and be dependent on Otrivin for weeks. This trend continued well into adulthood. At one point of time, I was so dependant on Otrivin that I … Continue reading My Septoplasty/Turbinoplasty experience