Obsession & Burnout-2

Obsession & Burnout are back to haunt me. I have blogged about it before, but this time, things are a bit worse. So, the background is, that after months of doing very light-level work, I have been handed a challenging project. Not an impossible project, not an easy one, moderately challenging. Others would be excited … Continue reading Obsession & Burnout-2

A Note on Mental Health

I have documented my struggles with mental health on this blog before. Considering the focus of the media on the mental health of famous people these days, I decided to write a longer rant about my own struggles. During my college days I was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Although I did get depressed once … Continue reading A Note on Mental Health

A note on Work-life balance

Some people take work too seriously. I regularly see people (especially in South East Asia) living, breathing, eating and sleeping work. It’s so bad that there’s no semblance of work-life balance at all. Here’s a typical day for some of these people: Check work email and teams (Online 24×7) messages when you wake up for … Continue reading A note on Work-life balance