Bryan!!! You rock!!!

On the 4th, I had the most fun I ever had in my life. It was my first live concert by an international artist. I was there almost 2 hours before the concert and even then found a long queue. The concert was opened by the Superfuzz Bigmuffs who were excellent but didn’t quite please the crowd because they were playing originals. Anyways, Bryan just ROCKED!!!! He played all the good songs and really sent the crowd into a frenzy. After the concert, my whole body was paining and my throat was sore. Anyways, gotta go now, will post soon..

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3 thoughts on “Bryan!!! You rock!!!”

  1. I thought the college rock idols were pretty awesome too…but the ghaatis in the crowd just wouldnt agree…i was at the cheap seats(800 buk ones)..and there were a truckload of them in there..

  2. I was at the 1200 one and boy was I lucky I didn’t choose the 800 ticket!!! It was way behind man… Did you manage to even see anything??? all the screens were upfront too. Yeah the superfuzz was great. But here, a crowd can’t accept originals. For the masses, music is all about the popular numbers being played on TV. That’s why so many people like Bon Jovi more than eagles..

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