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McDonald’s Doesn’t Suck After All

I remember seeing McDonald’s in American movies and TV shows when I was young. I can recall the hype when their first outlet opened in India back in 1996. Still, it was years later when I first went to my McDonald’s in Mumbai. Although I was fascinated by the drive-through concept, I was much disappointed by the food being served.

Not an Indian McDonald’s, PC: Orange Smile

The burgers were pretty generic, portions small and taste average (at the best). The fries were excellent, but I got turned off from this chain for a long time. I did eat there now and then (especially at the daughter’s insistence), but only when I needed a snack and had no other options. My impression was that they served cheap, sub-standard food, not fit for a proper meal. Why would anyone have things like Aloo Tikki burgers McVeggie burgers for dinner? Why, still, would people boast to be VIP members of the place?

Consequently, even when I travelled to other countries, I never went to their outlets, considering them inferior. But during one of my trips to China, I was in a situation that I had nowhere else to eat, so reluctantly went to a McDonald’s.

When I saw the menu inside, it blew my mind. Unlike India, they had a full menu with proper meals. They had actual Cheeseburgers with proper meat, full rice meals, salads, pies & various other dishes. The portion sizes were huge. Most importantly, everything was really tasty. Unlike a typical Indian fast food outlet, this place was also a proper restaurant. I went back multiple times during that trip alone.

Since then, my impression of McDonald’s has changed considerably. We eat there quite frequently now and hope to continue to do so. Now if only they can stop the McFlurry machines from being out of order every time.

Weirdest Birthday Ever

This year, I had the weirdest birthday ever. Normally, my birthday is spent with a close family lunch and a wider family dinner. This year, however, I had to travel to Bangkok for work & since this was my last week in this particular company, I didn’t say no.

I went on the company trip and planned my family to visit me on the weekend before my birthday and stay till the day after my birthday, but because of the Covid-19 situation, their trip had to be cancelled. On top of that, my birthday was a Thai holiday, so I was staring at spending my birthday alone.

I started the day waking up late and having a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.

I saw a couple of movies, and then was surprised by the Hotel staff with a birthday cake. The cake was delicious and heavy, so I skipped lunch.

Weirdest Birthday

In the evening, I took a long walk to Benjakiti Park, took the Skytrain From Asok to Phrom Phong station and spent some time at the Emquartier mall. After roaming round the Glass Quartier, the Waterfall Quartier, I headed for dinner at the Helix Quartier.

The Helix Quartier is a beautifully designed section of the mall. As the name says, it has a gently sloping walkway in the shape of a Helix without a clear distinction between different floors, with restaurants lining both sides of the walkway. I found a nice Korean Organic Chicken and Rice place and had a hearty meal.

Organic Korean Chicken and Rice

After dinner, I went back to the hotel, alone, watched some TV and fell asleep, thus bringing to end, the weirdest birthday ever.

All American Dinner

Today was a good day! And luck was totally in our favor. I would give lady luck many points for her good behavior today.
The weather was awesome; not raining but cool breeze and hardly any sunlight (pt.1). We headed out to CP a little early than usual which actually turned out to be a great thing because we were able to get tickets for Prince of Persia at CP (pt.2), which is no mean feat as we never get movie tickets in CP unless we book beforehand. The weather at CP was excellent (though a little humid). The parking slots were all full but we were able to park our car easily at the Palika Bazaar parking (pt.3). The elevator (pictured below) is still scary though. You can kill a man and drop him through the shaft and no one will notice for months.

The movie was good (though some parts were quite Bollywood like) and the actress did RR the whole time. Towards the end you wish she would just die.
Anyways after the movie we left the cinema and discovered that it had rained and the weather had improved. We had planned to go to All American Diner so we headed out there. The place is in the India Habitat Center at Lodhi Road. The IHC structure is huge and confusing and finally we reached the Diner. We had to sit at the bar for sometime because there were people waiting already but after half hour we were seated at a booth.

The Diner is quite good and modeled after the 60’s style american diner.Beer is quite in-expensive (125 for a Carlsberg) and food is not-that-expensive. They serve breakfast all day long and also have everything a diner should have. Luckily, they don’t entertain only couples (pt.4). The music is 60’s rock n roll and pop.

We downed alternate bottles of beer and courses of meal. In the end we were so full that we could not order the shake.
Considerably heavier, we left for home. also considerably happier.
It felt great to drive with the windows down after a long time.
PS: Thanks to Karthik for telling me about this place