Times of India sucks

Times of India used to be one of my favorite newspapers till recently. Now I am beginning to hate it. Why?? The answer is simple. There’s more gossip than news. I don’t want to pay even 140 bucks per month to see the same news headlines everyday: Angelina Jolie sleeping with Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt breaking up with Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie going to Africa, Angelina Jolie popping out her baby in a tub full of water, Angelina Jolie naming her baby Africa. When there’s no news of her, then it’s news of Tom Cruise or Kate Moss or some other B-Rated actor. The editor should understand, that the readers for this newspaper does not solely consist of bored housewives looking for gossip. There are people out there who need some real news too. Meanwhile, I am accepting advice from others as to which newspaper I should subscribe to.
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3 thoughts on “Times of India sucks”

  1. hmm..i wonder wat “kind” of news ur looking for..hmm!! very interesting..a bored n lazy engineering guy..looking for proper news in a daily is incredible!!!!he he…

  2. Any newspaper that calls Aamir Khan the greatest actor is bound to suck!!!

  3. Bored!!! You can say that again.. Have no computer, no music player, no tv, only novels and magazines n newspapers.. My fuel expenditure tripled since my comp died.

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