Just when I thought that I was doomed, my luck changed abruptly for the better. We went and pleaded with the service centre guy and convinced him to overlook the evidence of water/vodka in the motherboard and replace it under warranty. Anyways, he seemed like a nice guy because he agreed and will replace the motherboard for free.. As for me, I am so happy that I am gonna celebrate tonight… See ya..
Song of the day:-Run to you(Bryan Adams)

3 thoughts on “Saved!!!”

  1. so how did u convince the guy??offered him vodka??n how r celevrating??more vodka???jus b careful not to spill it..cmon man!!its good stuff..dont waste it!!

  2. No!! Royal Stag…. Anyways, celebrated with beer.. It’s too hot here for vodka and I don’t have AC here…

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