7 thoughts on “What kind of Rocker Are You?”

  1. hey dawg nice one there.I knew you had a thing for rock,but don’t lose heart.most rockers are roof-top screamers and yellers,so you can join the party anytime. Though just be soulfool if you can ~

  2. May be it’s right.Given a choice among rock genre.Punk would be the most likely one I would select.I earlier failed to understand that the test excludes Metal.N r u witnessing the war that Bison is Fighting?-6sic6

  3. well i a a tre rocker and i fav of mostly classic and some punk and all which is really great and has a deep meaning and great solo….. i hope you know what i like….. i’ll get you some impressive videos and some great stuffs really rare.. but i’ll need some time

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