My punishment..

This evening was pretty depressing. And I blame it all on google earth. Was just browsing over the planet when I came upon Chandigarh. Zoomed in pretty close and seeing the old roads and familiar structures brought back fond memories of those good ol’ days. I still remember how Bhavesh and I cursed the city before I left for engineering and he left for law studies. We were on his bike going from his home to mine at night and cursing and shouting through the streets. Now I am having to pay the price of my foolhardiness. Soon my parents shifted over to Calcutta. I can frankly say that if Chandigarh was 10, Calcutta is pretty close to 0. I had the best days of my life in that city. I can never forget that first year in college(Class XI) when I used to bunk with Vishal. Then came Iota, Aaron and Atul. Atul has been my friend in my dire times and is one of the best and most genuine guys I know. Had some pretty memorable moments with him. Remember the time you joined our S.U.P.W. class of Industrial Chemistry even though your subject was something else? We got fined by the police for not wearing a helmet while coming back from visiting your cousin. Also miss those days when me, Divyadeep, Siddharth used to bunk tuition classes to go to Barista in Ebony every single evening and used to hit on the chewing gum chick. It hurts to think that those days are never coming back. And lastly, the most memorable times are the one I spent with you, Bhavesh. It was Atul who first introduced us. Remember when we first came to your place for Whistler? You also had Windows XP Plus! installed and used to play bowling on your optical mouse. You also had the Acer cd writer in which you wrote me an Audio CD. I still have that mind you. The countless times you came and rescued me from my place and we roamed about town together spending money like water. I remember I once went with you to some coaching classes where you went to enquire about Redhat classes. You were already an MCSE and CCNA then and that particular day when the institute guys looked up to you with respect when I decided to do something about my computer skills other than playing games and downloading gigs of data.Also, the time we met in VIBGYOR and the time you made a prank call at my home saying that you are from cyber crime division of Police. I can go on listing more such special momets but that will overload the server. I don’t mind that you broke the us.mpeg cd. You can go on breaking as many cds you want and I will mail you more. You are still my friendly wash after all. I also miss your parents and MYLO. Your mom made great AMLA juice(I don’t say it tasted great but it still was GREAT). Also I wish I had got to know your dad better as he is the coolest. It’s a pity that we don’t buy the same mobile phones like before anymore. Maybe we can after(if) I get a job. I would readily give up my Enfield for that trustworthy boxer we rode together for so many kilometres. We kept it up to date with regular(read: daily) oil changes. Also that time was funny when that drunk guy backed into the bike outside HM-vatika.
I have made countless plans of visiting Chandigarh in the past few years but each time something comes up and I have to cancel the plan. It’s a way of punishing me for abusing the greatest city I have ever lived in. Life is shit and barely worth living in this shithole.. Please forgive me so that I can spend more time there…

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16 thoughts on “My punishment..”

  1. Here we are in the room full of strangers,Standing in the dark where your eyes couldnt see meWell, I have to follow youThough you didnt want me to.But that wont stop my lovin youI cant stay awayBlaming it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them love songs,Singin them straight to the heart songs.Blamin it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them sweet soundsTo that crazy, crazy town.Now in my placeThere are so many othersStandin in the line;How long will they stand between us?Well, I have to follow youThough you didnt want me to.But that wont stop my lovin youI cant stay awayBlaming it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them love songs,Singin them straight to the heart songs.Blamin it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them sweet soundsTo that crazy, crazy town.I will wait,Even if it takes forever;I will wait,Even if it takes a life time.Somehow I feel insideYou never ever left my side.Make it like it was beforeEven if it takes a life time, takes a life time.Blaming it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them love songs,Singin them straight to the heart songs.Blamin it all on the nights on broadwaySingin them sweet soundsTo that crazy, crazy town.

  2. Hey ash… Didn’t figure you even visited my blog. How can I forget those moments.. We all used to have a compete to have the best computer configuration. And how we got numerous college magazines and threw the pages rolled up into other car/bus drivers. Remember that once the bus we threw the paper at rammed into a bus in front of it and a guy hanging off it was thrown off??? Suzie will remember us for the rest of her days surely.. heh Heh.. Great times

  3. Damn ! How could you forget AC Aggarwal?Ay Sqooayr pluss bay sqooayr plus thoo ay bay ekwal thoo zerOH

  4. yeah… the famous Zeeeraawwww…. One guy told us that he went to his house for tuition classes and saw him chopping onions in a vest with his wife shoutin at him..

  5. Hey Bro! Dun worry yaar v’l find a way so dat u can settle in Chd…Btw u wrote abt Barista bt wt abt IPI whr v met , remember u burnt d notice boards..n thn dat Sharma told DD’s dad dat u were a smoker…n wt abt those funtime classes…i also miss those days , sm of d best of my life.N yah dat day ,wen i removed ur glasses in Satija’s class n he started asking u sm questions..LOL…i still remember ur stupid expressions man!I dun think evr laughd more than those days wid u n DD.Also our simla trip whr u got along so well with my driver…remember wut he used to say abt dat girl called Shikha..hehe…those days were fun yaar!

  6. Yeah…. Is larki me aag hai… Yeh larki spring ki tarah hai. Iske gharwale isko jitna dabayenge, ye utna uchhlegi..

  7. n karen’s driver n how she tried to kill me one day by running me over.. And those doggy drivers 1,2,3

  8. Chandigarh is for old people only. It lacks pep and zeal of today’s generation. There are hardly any discs. The ones they have suck badly. Ther is no such thing called nite life. The morons only sleep. There are no happening spots. Most of the people speak punjabi. hahahaha. The city needs a life.

  9. Ok.. So I am old.. What’s it to you???? I hate discs.. I never go to them.. And as of night life, it’s great.. You don;t need discs for a nightlife.. So what if everyone sleeps. You don’t have to..

  10. @ Anonymous And Like the City (chandigarh or not) made any difference … it’s just the memories… I am pretty sure that whatever place we guys get together, we can re-create those years. Fun .. unabashed , immaculate and Pure Fun.miss the days we spent getting the other guys in trouble , more than getting Ourselves Out Of it.

  11. Oh dear I just cannot forget those blissful days. We used to go to different IWays and had devious ways up our sleeves to stop their meters. How your dad used to wait with a whip and a club in his vest as soon as the sun went down.Kaiser hospital, your unlucky house because it had a basement!, that fucking astrologer and his illegitimate imbecile son. I used to run to you when I was sick of Daizy torture. We used to play video games in small dingy cells and fantasize about godly figures. Train Simulator, Flight Simulator et al.And all this comes back whenever I hear that song by the Bee Gees – “Nights on Broadway”. How we used to make pun of Papa mere Papa and even sent out an email to the creators and to top it all it was taken well care of!How we used to struggle to be uber geeks and tried all different things with our machines. Those were the crazy days. Barista, Ebony, Pizza Hut! How can I forget Pizza Hut with Atul. And how I was (may be now also) a forbidden item in his house, and the incarnation of Vicky (need I say more?). And remember “Bheeekeee”, oh dear, my heart is pounding in a way it seldom does. Those were the days… Our fantasies of doing those 3 things when we would be on our own:MovieDaroooHumping(Necessarily in order)We used to play pool and flash BIOSes of motherboards in cybercafes, order embarassing stuff from GlideMart. We used to have so much fun, make spooky videos and then it all fell apart… and we still are picking up the pieces.So long dear friend,BhaveshPS: I still am your friendly wash at 45 degrees

  12. Finally, we have the same phones. All we need is a bete.bete filesystem and a device that can read CDs and paper phone books when inserted.
    Spitting in the diyas was another favourite memory.

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