Why I suck..

These are the reasons I suck:-

  1. I suck
  2. I am unsuccesfull in most aspects of my life
  3. I am not good at anything
  4. I don’t have anything good going on with me
  5. I am repulsive to girls. They find me hideously inattractive
  6. I have a sore throat for quite a few days now
  7. My sessional exams are coming up from monday
  8. I am a disappointment and a burden on my parents
  9. I am foolish enough to believe people like me

5 thoughts on “Why I suck..”

  1. You are good with computerts. You have the certifications that send chills up anyone’s spines.

  2. yeah.. the certifications sure look good in an interview.. but what good are they if I am never ALLOWED TO SIT in an interview????

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