Life’s in the dumps..

Lately, life’s in the dumps. If it weren’t for a few good things happening in my life right now, I would surely have gone over the edge. Never was the unpredictable nature of life more apparent than it is now. Somethings happen which you never expect 🙂 , somethings which you expect surprisingly don’t happen 🙁 . The worst thing is that you don’t know why you’re down. You sometimes realize your mistakes but then it’s too late to correct them. Sometimes, you don’t even know what went wrong. Three things really help to keep yourself going in the order of preference- Friends, Music and Chocolate. The company of friends is like a magic cure for such things. But surely, the most difficult part of life is making choices. How you wish someone could help you with difficult choices in life but realization dawns in that it’s only you who has to decide and then face the consequences. People may help you a lot in making those choices but it’s only you who has to bear the consequences.
It’s further depressing that I’m writing this instead of studying for my sessional tomorrow. So I think I’ll be off now to study…

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6 thoughts on “Life’s in the dumps..”

  1. so true man.even i feel d same… for me…i see only the side face of life. the comp visage (of life) is way beyond my ( or lets say anybodiz) comprehension.

  2. hmmmmm……Did u say depression?try weed ,n then ask someone to crack stupid jokes.Then u’ll ask,Depressed?Who the fuck is depressed?!!!

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