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I am writing a post for my blog because I haven’t written one for quite some time. The few people who do come to my blog are now bored of the panty ad. I have no idea what to write. Seinfeld is coming on the TV and Jerry is disturbed because the maid whom he started having sex for has stopped cleaning. What the fuck am I writing? Don’t I have anything better to write now? My phone is running out of battery now. Or is it my laptop? I think I need some beer. But where is it? Wasn’t it on the table? No, that was way back in nagpur. Jerry fired the maid because she had become a prostitute. Hey, I want a game of battleships too. But whom would I play it with? Maybe I should buy a 2-way mirror now.. Sleep is overwhelming. But am I ready to give in yet? Or Am I? Now I am sure I am blabbing. But isn’t that what I have been doing since forever? Oh!! There goes the phone again.. If the battery is low, it should probably get some cocaine. But then I don’t own any Eric Clapton LPs. Elaine is a bitch..

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