Nice movies..

I’m blogging after a long time today. Today was a nice day. I saw two very good hindi movies. The first one was Gulaal which I saw at PVR. The movie is funny, shocking, meaningful and realistic, all at the same time. It kind of reminded me of Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi which is another one of my favorite hindi movies. The character are very well defined and each one stands out on it’s own. Leaving the hall, you can’t help but feel a little sad on how things turned out.

The other movie was Ek Chaalis ki last local. This is like one of those fast paced hollywood movies. You don’t feel bored for a moment as one event unfolds after another, full of surprises. The whole movie is 150 minutes and the events in the movie are spread over almost a similar time. Actually, I’d already seen this movie twice in the theaters but can never get bored of it.

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6 thoughts on “Nice movies..”

  1. where does it say that it’s a hollywood movie? Will watch zizou next weekend. You should watch gulaal

  2. hey i checked out the blog 2day….i don know if u have wateched little zuzu but if by ny chance ur…drop the idea….for Ek Chalis Ki Last Local….i think u can watch it n n. of times…abhay deol is his in usual best followed by neha dhupia who for change has made her mark in terms of acting as well….

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