Out of town..

Today, we had an out of town trip after a long long time. It was a refreshing experience after the monotony of Malls and 8 lane expressways. I have to admit though that the trip would have been better on bikes.

The place is called Damdama lake, near Sohna, Haryana. It’s around 40km from Gurgaon and the road is a 2 lane normal Indian road. The last mile is a single lane and mostly mud.

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8 thoughts on “Out of town..”

  1. Why did u say 'shit' corporate world? It's a wonderful world (full of challenges) for perfect people. U should be proud of being a part of it.

  2. Anonymous: Congrats for being a perfect person. The rest of us are not so perfect it seems. Best of luck with your challenges

  3. Scurvy, do you know the contact details of prasant a.k.a. grooveguru? It's sad that he has restricted the access to his old blog grooveguru.

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