Honey I shrunk the sweaters

I am quite new to household chores and especially when it comes to washing clothes, I have next to no experience. I just know where to put the clothes into the machine, which knobs to turn and where to put the soap. I had no idea that woolen clothes don’t like appreciate the same treatment as summer clothes.
I washed my sweaters one day, in the way described above and when it was all over, the sweaters were all a size that would fit a 5 year old boy. I had no idea what happened.
Reading/asking around, I came to know that woolens are not to be washed with usual soap; and while most shrinkage is irreversible, there were a few things I could try.

I soaked my sweaters in warm water, hung them on a clothes stand and with clips attached to one end, stretched as much as I could and attached clips to the other side.
The sweater does look normal for now, let’s see how it fares up when it dries.

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