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Shittiest Television ADs-2

After 15 years, I bring you the sequel to the shittiest television ADs. I stopped watching live TV many years ago, so have not seen Television ads in a long time. Recently I was watching live coverage of Durga Puja on TV. I came across many shitty ADs. Some of them are presented below for your viewing cringe.

Shitty Television AD-1

realme GT Master Edition

The one above is what inspired me to write this article in the first place. Realme, a shitty brand which caters to Rickshaw Pullers & toilet cleaners claims in this ad that they are “India’s 5G leader”. The only problem is that there’s no 5G in India. So all they have done is sell many cheap 5G handsets to rickshaw pullers and toilet cleaners, a demographic which couldn’t care less for 5G.

Shitty Television AD-2

ABP Ananda

This AD is about ABP Ananda, the premier new channel for Bengalis. The aim of this AD is to inform the viewer how serious they are about journalism. It features a series of journalists (Or TV presenters, I don’t know) in formal wear looking at the camera, making vague gestures. Some of them look angry, some constipated. But the last one, with his protruding sideburns and chubby face really takes the cake.

Shitty Television AD-3

Shitty Television Ad-3

Nothing special about this one except that it looks like someone has pushed a vibrator inside her at 00:09.

Shitty Television AD-4

Shitty Television Ad-4

This one is more elaborate. Akshay Kumar (making his second appearance in this series) is going through an airport. Security asks him if he is carrying anything. He says he is carrying “Dollar”. They all panic and take him to another room to search him for foreign currency. After the attractive security agent pats him down, focusing on the groin area and finds nothing, she asks him where the “Dollar” is. He respectfully asks for permission to pull down his pants. The broad says sure and he does, revealing that “Dollar” is his underwear brand. Instead of beating him to shit for sexual harassment, she loosens her hair and keys in her phone number on his phone. I actually found this AD very funny. Definitely inspired from Axe Ads.

Shitty Television AD-5

Shitty Television Ad-5

This above, is a shitty television Ad to beat the shittiest television ads. A (slightly chubby) woman is trying to exercise, but it looks like her watch is possessed and has taken over her left arm. It looks like the best selling smartwatch in the world is too heavy for her to even move properly, despite those chubby arms. On the other hand, the more attractive woman next to her is exercising seamlessly with no issues. And her arms aren’t chubby either, because she’s wearing an AmazFit wearable, which doesn’t weigh you down.