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Why astrologers suck big time..

Because they are frauds. And cheaters. They prey on the superstition and ignorance of people and not only do they rob people off their money, but also cause them harm. Few days ago, on TV while browsing channels, I happened to chance upon a show where astrologers cheat people. A class XII pass out had just called and told the astrologer he wanted to pursue engineering and if it was a good time to do it. The astrologer not only asked the person to spell his name in some obscure way, he also advised him not to try engineering this time but wait for next year. I was shocked seeing this!! How could a man play with someone’s future like this? It’s still bearable till you just take money but this was too much? Also disgusting is how they decide if people can get married to each other or not. The whole concept makes me sick to the bone. These fucking bastards are also in league with jewelers from whom they earn a hefty commission when they advice people to wear expensive gems on their fingers, neck and even waist. How the fuck can gems or the positions of planets affect anyone’s future? (Except the astronomers, jewelers and astrologers). Recently in the news, it was reported that Aishwarya Rai (an Indian actress) would cause death to whoever she marries because of the stars. Eventually, before being married, she was married to a tree so that it’s the tree that suffers the horrible fate, not the husbands. This is not only an insult to women but also to the tree which is supposedly going to die a horrible death. Maybe some astrologer would go and set the tree on fire, just to lend credibility to this profession. So meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai is practicing polyandry, which is illegal by Indian law.

You can’t really blame the astrologers. They are just being opportunistic. If there’s such a vulnerability in people at this age, one can’t blame someone for exploiting it. The big question which has me confused is whether the astrologers really believe in what they are doing or whether, even they are subject to superstition(which is an even worse case).

For now, I will satiate myself by making prank callers to astrologers and wishing them a painful existence.

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