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McDonald’s Doesn’t Suck After All

I remember seeing McDonald’s in American movies and TV shows when I was young. I can recall the hype when their first outlet opened in India back in 1996. Still, it was years later when I first went to my McDonald’s in Mumbai. Although I was fascinated by the drive-through concept, I was much disappointed by the food being served.

Not an Indian McDonald’s, PC: Orange Smile

The burgers were pretty generic, portions small and taste average (at the best). The fries were excellent, but I got turned off from this chain for a long time. I did eat there now and then (especially at the daughter’s insistence), but only when I needed a snack and had no other options. My impression was that they served cheap, sub-standard food, not fit for a proper meal. Why would anyone have things like Aloo Tikki burgers McVeggie burgers for dinner? Why, still, would people boast to be VIP members of the place?

Consequently, even when I travelled to other countries, I never went to their outlets, considering them inferior. But during one of my trips to China, I was in a situation that I had nowhere else to eat, so reluctantly went to a McDonald’s.

When I saw the menu inside, it blew my mind. Unlike India, they had a full menu with proper meals. They had actual Cheeseburgers with proper meat, full rice meals, salads, pies & various other dishes. The portion sizes were huge. Most importantly, everything was really tasty. Unlike a typical Indian fast food outlet, this place was also a proper restaurant. I went back multiple times during that trip alone.

Since then, my impression of McDonald’s has changed considerably. We eat there quite frequently now and hope to continue to do so. Now if only they can stop the McFlurry machines from being out of order every time.