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Indian Insecurity

Indian insecurity is legendary. We Indians are probably the most insecure group of people in the world. Be it our religion, our culture or our nationality, we are woefully insecure about everything. It doesn’t take much for an Indian to get butthurt. In fact it is quite possible that the derogatory term “snowflake” was coined for us.

A few examples of Indian Insecurity

  1. Wearing a Saree decorated with flags of different countries (including our own) offends Indians.
  2. Having a doormat with the Indian flag offends Indians. The same company selling doormats with flags of 50 other countries doesn’t offend any of those 50 countries.
  3. A woman smoking offends Indian men.
  4. Banning fireworks on Diwali in the most polluted place in the world offends Hindus.
  5. Not being familiar with Sachin Tendulkar offends Indians.
  6. Making a movie by the name of Billu Barber offends barbers. Making a movie by the name of Dhobi Ghat offends Dhobis. A song with the word Mochi offends cobblers. A movie about law offends lawyers.
  7. Condom ads offend Indians.
  8. Criticising stupid & intrusive religious practices offends Indian Muslims.
  9. Characters using abusive language in movies offends Indians. Using the same language in real life is acceptable.
  10. People belonging to minority religions using Hindu gods in advertisements offends Hindus.
  11. Britishers sharing photos of Hindu gods on Social Media offends Hindus.
  12. A Hindu actress shooting an intimate movie scene with a Muslim actor faces calls for boycott.
  13. Not respecting poorly presented meals offends Indians.
  14. What some people name their kids offends Indians.
  15. Any map showing the reality in Kashmir offends Indians.
  16. Criticising the government or your politicians offends every Indian who voted for them and results in sedition cases.
  17. Some of the few people who visit this blog will be offended by this post.
Indian insecurity about a Saree
Offensive Saree, PC: Maharashtra Times

These are just some examples of Indian insecurity that I remembered from the top of my head; there are countless such cases.

Overall it is embarrassing how easy it is to offend Indians and how insecure we are to get offended by little things. I am not sure where this insecurity comes from; this Quora answer looks legitimate to me.

This insecurity is something we Indians must overcome to focus on more important things.