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Home Garden – My Palms & Dragon Tree

My Palms are perhaps my most favourite plants of all. As a guy who loves the beach and tropical climates, I find that the Palms bring a bit of the tropical paradise in my home.

My favourite Palm

This Parlor Palm above is my favourite. It is in good health, growing steadily. I love watching its leaves sway gently in the breeze from my window.

Shown above is another Parlor Palm on a different balcony along with a Dragon Tree.

These plants require some maintenance, basically only troweling the top soil once in a while, clipping off brown leaves. Although these plants are meant to be kept indoors, I prefer to keep them on my balconies, partly because of space concerns and especially because I love their leaves swaying in the wind.

The first one is kept in partial shade, the other 2 get direct sunlight 3-4 hours in the summers.

I water them between once or twice a week during peak winters and alternate days/everyday during peak summers. I fertilise them every 2 months or depending on when they show signs of growth.

Here’re some good tools which will help you with your gardening.