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A Pointer is not a Cursor

This is something that almost everyone these days gets wrong and infuriates me to no end. This, below, is a Cursor. People use it on computers and smartphones to indicate where typed text will appear.

A cursor, not a pointer

This, below, is a pointer, or a mouse pointer. It is controlled by a mouse or any other pointing device and is used to interact with elements on the screen.

Pointer, not cursor
A pointer, not a cursor

Anyone who started using computers in the 90s or before would understand the difference. But most digital outlets and even reputable publications these days are run by Gen-Z people who don’t know the difference and almost always call the pointer a cursor. The impact is so much and widespread these days, that soon, the definitions of these items would permanently change and it would be millennials like me and Boomers before me who would be wrong.