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Retired Hurt..

Last Friday, working out my back on the T-bar. Heavy weight. Could feel something giving way. Didn’t notice it then. Now I am grounded with a muscle pull and not able to walk properly. Pain is not much but it has rendered me incapable of sleeping well at night. Slept for only 3 hours last night and had to wake up and go give my internal practical exam in the morning. Have a holiday tomorrow so no tension of waking up early. Was extremely relieved when the doc informed me that it was not a hernia.. Btw, doc has instructed me not to work out for another week or so and even after that to lift heavy weights only while sitting down… Cannot ride my bike because using the kick sends shrapnels of pain up my bones. Hope to be better by next morning atleast.
Song of the day:-2 Minutes to Midnight(Iron Maiden)