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The standard of Nagpur University

It’s almost 4 years I am studying in this shitty university and recently, this fact came to light. I couldn’t understand how no one noticed this for more than 15 years since the existence of the university. It’s the admission card for the exams. Apparently it’s not an admission card but an “ADDMISSION CARD” as you can see in Exhibit A.
Exhibit A

I cannot understand how a university, which holds examinations for all the subjects in english does not know basic spelling skills. As you can see in the next exhibit(Exhibit B), the basic rules for the examinations are in Marathi. How the hell are the students who don’t understand this so called “prestigious language” who make up almost 70% of the college crowd supposed to understand what’s written??
Exhibit B

I forgot to mention that girls and boys are alotted separate roll numbers so that they don’t sit together and hence spoil the culture of the great state…