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The Beckhams live in a different, parallel universe

Today while channel surfing, I came across this new show about Beckham going on a trip to Brazil and roughing it on a bike -“Into the unknown with David Beckham”. The show starts with a 15 minute discussions between David and Victoria Beckham about what David will do with his hair in the humidity of Brazil. Many ideas are thrown. Eventually they settle on David wearing a cap throughout his trip.
I have never been to Brazil, but I have experienced humidity, so I do not understand, what happens when humidity meets hair? Does your hair melt? Does it catch fire? Then Victoria casually comments that she can’t even go to humid countries? What? Regular people can’t go to countries because they can’t afford it, or can’t get a Visa. I know the Beckhams are far from regular people, but the Gates spend half their time in Africa without worrying about their hair.
Finally after making sure the hair Is OK, David heads to Brazil and checks in to a Luxury hotel. He remarks many times that he hopes people don’t recognize him, in a football loving nation like Brazil.
He rides his bike all the way to another part of the city and then plays beach volleyball with some locals and Is really surprised when they recognize him. Yes, Brazilian football fans recognising David Beckham is a surprise.
He then boards a plane to go to the rainforests. He gets on his bike again and rides it from his hotel to the edge of the city. Rea’ rough. There he finally meets people who don’t seem to recognize him, which is his dream, right? David looks suspiciously sad and insulted considering his dream came true, but then he and his entourage promptly starts asking these people if they recognize him.
He then sleeps in a hammock inside his hotel and plays flappy bird on his iPad.
I have never seen celebrities so full of themselves or so far removed from reality.