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Home Garden – My Philodendron

I inherited a money plant (a type of philodendron) from my parents when they moved to to a different city. I re-potted it into a much bigger pot, mixed and matched it with a few different species which resulted in the below.

Philodendron Cluster

This pot is neatly tucked away between my bedroom window and the air conditioner, and has three different plants.

The big, dark green leaves belong to a species of Golden Pothos, which has only 4/5 leaves per plant right now, but are bigger than average money plant leaves, about the size of a ternager’s hand. One cut of this plant also lives in the middle pot of the bottom row of my plant wall.

The smaller, dark green leaves belong to another species of Golden Pothos, which most people can relate to as the common money plant.

The smaller, light green leaves belong to a species of Heartleaf Philodendron. Two cuts of this plant also live in the left and right pots of the bottom row of my plant wall.

View from bedroom

You can cut off branches and pot them and they grow into full-sized plants, as long as there’re some roots left.

These plants require little to no maintenance. The only thing I do occasionally is use cable ties to prop up its branches and attach them to the moss stick. Eventually, the cable ties can be removed once the plants roots burrow into the moss stick.

This pot is kept in partial shade and the plants get 2/3 hours of sunlight late afternoons during the summers and no direct sunlight during the winters.

I water them once a week during the winters and alternate days during the summers. Although they don’t require much fertiliser, I fertilise them every 2 months, which encourages leaf growth.

Here’re some good tools which will help you with your gardening.