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School of Rock would end very differently today

School of Rock is one of my favourite movies of all time. For those who don’t know, School of Rock is a 2003 movie starring Jack Black.

School of Rock
About to go to Jail, PC: Wikipedia

Black plays Dewey Finn who has just been booted from his band. He has no income and has a week to come up with rent money, so he impersonates his roommate as a substitute school teacher. Instead of teaching the kids the curriculum, he turns them into a rock band. Just a day before they are due to participate in the Battle of the Bands, though, he’s caught and makes a run for it. The kids, however, decide to run away from school anyways and participate. When the parents find out, they are furious. But when they watch their kids perform, the power of Rock n Roll melts their hearts. Finn ends up starting an after-school music program and the kids become regular rockers under his tutelage.

Even in 2003, the movie could hardly be called “realistic”, but in 2021 the entire premise is rather laughable. This is because parents these days are much more anal about school. As a father of a Primary Grader, I know. Some personal examples of the unbelievable lengths parents go to micromanage their kids’ schooling

  1. Parents taking an AQI meter to their kids’ classroom to fight with the school administration about how polluted the classroom is. All the parents gather and scream at the school to reduce ventilation.
  2. Parents taking a CO2 meter to their kids’ classroom to fight with the school administration about how stuffy the classroom is. All the parents gather and scream at the school to increase ventilation.
  3. Parents fighting with the school teachers if their kid gets a tiny scratch while playing.
  4. Woke parents fighting with the school teacher for using “he” and “she” to refer to the kids instead of “they”.
  5. Parents fighting with the school teacher because the muffins served for snacks had “too many raisins” & “too little wholegrain”.
  6. Parents complaining that their “precious kid” doesn’t get enough attention in class and feels sad (with 1 teacher for every 3 kids).
  7. They enrol their kids at International Schools and complain about how the curriculum is “too progressive” and there’s too little of “traditional studying”.

It doesn’t take long for them to make a new WhatsApp group and rally other parents against the school. After all this, they also have time to fight with the school administration about how high the fees are.

During our childhood, our parents were not as passionate about our schooling. I appreciate that parents these days are more involved, but some of them have taken things to a whole new level; especially those sending their kids to fancy schools. When I went to drop my daughter to school, I would always find some parent arguing with the teachers. I felt bad for the teachers and the school administration, that they had to spent so much time pacifying anal parents.

If School of Rock were to come out in 2021, people would probably have it banned immediately.

King Kong

Well, a week ago, I had the great privelege to see this great movie at INOX. Carl Denham(Jack Black) is a movie director who sets off for skull island with Ann Darrow(Naomi Watts) and law at his heels. There he finds a vicious natives who kidnap Ann to sacrifice her to the beast Kong. But instead of devouring her, kong gets horny and takes her with him to his lair. From here on, we find that the island is full of nothing except sexually frustrated creatures. There are brontosaurs, the T-rex, Godzilla and many more. But Kong is trained in martial arts. He uses his skills to the max and saves poor Ann from the creatures. Personally, I would have liked it if there were more creatures like the Alien and the Predator. And maybe the terminator too. Carl and his crew rescue Ann and meanwhile also manage to trap Kong by beating him with chloroform bottles and brings him back to America. Maybe he hasn’t seen movies like Aliens. YOU NEVER BRING THE BEAST BACK WITH YOU!!! But anyways, he showcases Kong on broadway to the delight of his audiences. Meanwhile his libido combined with his sexual frustration and his amazing strength enables him to tear apart the chains that are holding him and escape in search for Ann and go off on a rampage. Meanwhile we realise that Ann has changed her sexual preferences from man to beast and also goes off in search for him. They meet(not mate) and Kong carries her to the tallest skyscraper in New York. Here he is shot down by World War 1 planes much to the disappointment of Ann. Hey Ann, I heard walruses are pretty big. Anyways, the movie was fairly good with great cinematography giving it the sepia old world feel. I would definitely recommend this movie.