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Saw a goofy movie today. It was called BOXER. It starred Mithun and is the story of a guy called Shankar who’s father is a boxer. He gets thrown in the jail for theft where a boxer named Tony teaches him boxing and after coming out of jail, he becomes a professional boxer. Unfortunately in one of his fights, he gets hit in the left eye and the doctor tells him that if he gets hit there again, he may lose his life. So he gives up boxing, gets married and gets a job in a garage as a mechanic. When his wife announces that she’s pregnant, his younger brother(who’s like ten years old) starts scampering up and down the stairs like a mongoose, falls down, hurts himself in the head and becomes a brain dead vegetable. The doctor tells Shankar that he needs to get 2 lakh rupees to cure his brother. He has no other option left but to fight one last fight with the heavyweight champion.

If you don’t have the second CD of this movie, you can as well watch Rocky because after this point both the movies are almost same. The training sequences where he ties himself to a cycle and runs with his trainer sitting behind him(Rocky), where he runs along the beach with his trainer(Rocky III) and how he says goodbye to his brain dead brother before going to fight(Rocky II) remind you of the Rocky Series. The fights are quite decent but it’s quite apparent that they were filmed in normal speed and the speed of the reel increased later to make the fight look more violent and the boxers superfast. He almost loses it in the last few rounds but the brain dead brother miraculously wakes up and goes to the fight scene and cheers for his brother. From here on, shankar fights like hell and in the last round, both he and his competitor fall down. While the seconds are counting, Shankar manages to get up at the last second and the other guy doesn’t.(Reminds anybody of the last scee in Rocky II???)

Mithun had quite a good phsysique in his old days. Anyways, the movie is pretty decent considered you haven’t watched any of the Rocky movies.