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My room..

The last post by Grooveguru has prompted me to upload pictures of MY room. The only difference is I don’t plan to clean it up anytime soon(Maybe next semester). In the daytime, I transfer all the junk onto my bed and generally sit on my chair. At night, I transfer all the stuff back to my chair and sleep on the bed. Used to clean it up before but whatever I did, the room swiftly got back to it’s original condition. So now I have given up trying to clean it. After a time period, the room tends to attain a state of equilibrium where the size of the piles remain constant. New stuff is added to the piles but some old stuff keeps getting lost at the same rate thus maintaining the equilibrium. The last picture is of the kitchen(The maid is missing for 2 days now..). The sink is black because of the soot that got deposited when we converted it into a fireplace by burning most of the junk last winter.