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Great day!

What a busy day!! Woke up at 8 in the morning to go to college as we had participated in an event called “Who dares wins”. The events were less daring and more physically consuming. We had to run to far ends of the college on a treasure hunt. Then we had to carry one of our team members around a field(I was clutching my chest for half an hour after this). Then I had to do 10 push-ups(ridiculously easy)on a concrete pathway which had been baking under the sun for the past many hours(My hands are still raw!!). Anyways, we had the war of the bands in the evening. Got dressed and headed off for college. The next 6 hours are a blur. Intense headbanging, jumping has left me feeling tired and consumed. It was a wierd sight. Four of us headbanging on metallica while the rest of the crowd stood still and stared at us. Anyways, I realised that it’s so much more fun being in the crowd than playing on stage. Our college band came in second and one band “Rust” completely fucked up. The vocalist was shitty and ruined the whole show. Another downside was the locals and biharis shouting for hindi and bhojpuri songs. Anyways, the principal happy as usual after recieving his customary gift of a bottle of whiskey happily declared a holiday for tomorrow so will wake up late afternoon.