I forgot a movie!!!!

I forgot one movie for my Top-10 list. It’s Con Air. As of now, the list is Top 11 list. As I don’t get to write my blog at my leisure(I write from a cyber cafe), I often forget a few things. Anyways, this movie should definitely have been on the list.
It’s one of the few action movies that I can watch again and again without getting bored. Cameron Poe(Nicholas Cage) is an ex marine who kills someone in a drunken brawl while defending his wife and gets jailed. One thing I really adored in this movie was Cameron Poe’s accent. Coupled with great dialogues, the movie is really killin. The dialogue “Put the bunny back in the box” and “There’s only two men I trust… One is me and the other is not you” were really cool and I use them in real life even if they seem out of place. The characters, Cyrus the virus, Johny 23, Pinball, Garland Green were really great.
I am leaving for Nagpur tomorrow. Will reach on 26th. Will leave for Mumbai on 27th for the Bryan Adams concert. WIll stay there till 5th and then come back to Nagpur on 6th.
Will post the details of the concert next!!!

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