What I have been doing..

Basically, I am too busy. The weeks sail forth like a blur. It ain’t that I am too busy to blog but there’s nothing new to blog. Go to college every morning, then come back, rush off to gym, then come back, go out and eat something, play Need for Speed Most Wanted, check my mails, surf around checking my friends’ blogs. Have dinner and then read myself to sleep. Several times during the week, I have to replace my pleasure activities with writing practical files(I write my assignments in class which saves time and saves me from the boring drones of the teachers). Also, there’s always the same feeling of having less money than I need. The book I am currently reading is “To kill a mockinbird”. Excellent book. I will be sorry when I reach the end. Was plannign to go to Bengaluru(Bangalore) to meet a friend but turns out he ain’t a friend, just a fiend full of empty promises so will most probably givin Microsoft Certification exams during holi. Hooked to a great song by Sixpence none the richer-Kiss Me. It’s a cute song, sung by a cute girl and with a cute video. And top of that, the chords are really easy
D Dmaj7 D7 Dmaj7 which is really cute….
Here are the cute lyrics.
Will get back if there’s any news.

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8 thoughts on “What I have been doing..”

  1. Hi Scurvy, doing assignments in a class is a swell idea. Thanks for the tip. To kill a mockinbird: I think there’s a movie based on this book featuring Gregory Peck. Is it the same?

  2. Glad to be of help! Also, you can read novels, be online on your mobile and many other things. You just have got to learn right expressions to use on your face if the teacher sees you. And yes, I think it’s the same movie though I haven’t seen it. How is it?

  3. hey that is a good song… its my fav song rite now and also, I read the review of the book u mentioned, sounds intriguing, will get a copy rite aftr my boards, cant wait!

  4. You miss movies? Why can’t you see them? Where do you live? The north pole?

  5. Ok I will!!You miss movies? Why can’t you see them? Where do you live? The north pole?

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