Rocky Balboa

The most exciting event I’m expecting for this holiday season(except for my results) is the release of Rocky Balboa. Damn, I’m gonna watch this movie first day first show no matter what. I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Poor adrian is dead. So are many others. I can only make out Pauli from the original cast except little Marie(Remember “Screw you creepo!!!). Also a new doggie has entered the scene to replace Butkus.
The official blog for this Movie is here. Wonder why the MGM people are using blogspot…
You can download the trailer here.(11M)

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6 thoughts on “Rocky Balboa”

  1. This Movie’s gonna be big. never was too big a fan of the original rocky series, but this trailer’s really got onto me . Can’t wait for the movie to release this december.

  2. no…still got more than a year and a half of the course left!!am in delhi for 5 months for my training here….so have a trip over to chandigarh every now and then!

  3. aamir is 2 intelligent dan the rocky dude. wat was his name? aamirs movies r 4 people who have superior taste. yup hes mah pimp 2. happy now.

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