My friend’s dog looks like Sandra Bullock!!

In Times of India, there was a mention of this facial recognition site called . You can upload your photo and it will compare it with faces of celebrities and gve you a list of celebrities you most resemble. It’s pretty neat and soon you can really see the similarities. But look what happened when I uploaded the photo of Mylo, my friend’s dog. And whoa!!! The results were mind blowing..

And that’s not all. Here are some other celebs he resembles.

Now I have no idea how Mylo would feel about this. Whether to be happy or to be insulted. But maybe it’s better he doesn’t know.

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52 thoughts on “My friend’s dog looks like Sandra Bullock!!”

  1. u like classic rock!!! u gotta move wid time and listen 2 peppy n happening music of today’s generation. they know how 2 liv life n how 2 enjoy. i pity old people who listen 2 da crap of da past.

  2. who ever said classic rock isnt “peppy” n “HAPPENING”???????? n it doesnt help u “enjoy life”??????????? n 21 yrs looks old to u???? btw,ur “peppy n happening” music doesnt even give u enough guts to write with ur real name??u have to b anonymous??so thanks the gods of classic rock who taught us to own our opinions!so BUDDY!i have a good n exhaustive english dictionary which i give to ppl for good…if u didnt get the subtle hint.. I AM WILLING TO DONATE MY OUP DICTIONARY TO U CZ U NEED IT BAS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ah yes…we should not listen to classic rock like the great Mr. Anonymous says.We must, instead, listen to fag-boys in shorts, jumping on stage, blaring out what they call nu-metal, no matter that there’s no metal in nu-metal.whatsupyo !!

  4. Anonymous you bastard/bitch get off my blog… You losten to trash music and call it hep??? You are all ignorant himesh-ass kissin assholes who don’t know what music is… Go listen to the punk bands and die in hell..P.S.:- Just tell them once to try play a jimi hendrix solo.

  5. himsesh reshamiya is poor people’s entertainer. get real inspiration frm people like 50 cents n all da great hiphop r n b stars of dis generation. dey cant play jimi hendrix solo but dere purpose is 2 entertain da fast n trendy youth of 2day. glass wall,my peppy n happening lifestyle gives me da guts to write my name. i dont need any dictionary coz dis generation makes its own spellings. dated grammar n spelling r 4 old bores who r still living in da 18 century.

  6. Hah Hah!! This is getting better.. 50 cent is an entertainer.. hahah.. What a bitch you are!!! Your lifestyle is peppy n happenin??? You call spendin your parents’ hard earned money(maybe not..) peppy n happenin?? You’re fast n trendy?? I am sure you are bitch(or maybe you prefer to be called biatch!!)

  7. check this out

  8. in case u were wondering abt folks living in the 18th century..the roots of rock n roll IS blues which in turn derives from old latin n afro cuban music.amazingly..rock n roll n rnb have common roots…

  9. there exists a distinct demarcation between “music” as a commodity of some entertainment value,and “music” as a part of ONESELF.if the distinction is incomprehensible to a certain individual,its futile for the same to impose personal prefernces on others.this initiates a dire requirement of adoption of a secular and tolerant attitude,which would enable the individual to understand others better..

  10. Ok,please don’t insult nu-metal becoz an asshole insulted Classic rock.I’m sure the peppy n happening music of today’s generation that the asshole mentioned is the Himesh genre.

  11. satanii i have clearly mentioned dat indian music is 4 poor losers who have no taste. by peppy n happenin music i mean hip hop n anythin ma pimp enrique prezentz. n i luv 50 cents.

  12. Hmm… She does seem like she is a hooker… with a latin pimp.. And who told you Indian music is in poor taste??? You are just a wannabe who tries to be cool… Heh Heh.. A wannabe

  13. And look at what the bitch has to say about rocky.!!! Aamir khan.. I guess he is your pimp too Tania..

  14. And have you listened to songs by KK?? Pal is real nice. I also like some songs by Lucky Ali

  15. lucky ali has paki flavor in his songz. whos kk? plzz tell me i wanna listen 2 rich indian muzic.

  16. So??? The fact that I hate pakistan doesnt mean I hate pakistani music?? I can tolerate Jal and absoultely love Junoon.. And I won’t tell you who KK is as you are not wirth listenin to his music..

  17. good example of indian music?? wannabe?? heard of pt. ravi shankar..guess thts a bit too classical…and does lucky ali,an indian..seem to have a paki flavour?? and please if u can define paki flavour…

  18. Hello braze…Since I am not a blogger I can’t post comments on your blog. In response to your comments on human rights and terrorism, every human is entitled to human rights. If the militants violte human rights that doesn’t mean Indian army has to do the same. Revenge is not justice. Terroists are humans and they have their rights. Capture them, arrest them, but it’s WRONG to kill them. In today’s liberal world where most of us oppose capital punishment, yet several terrorists are killed during military/police enounters. That’s not justice. India is responsible for spreading terrorism by their blatant abuse of human rights in Kashmir.

  19. human rights violation by indian army in kashmir?? hmmm…dude(or whatever)..kashmir is a part of india..and being a part of india it is entitled to the same democratic rights…if any of those fundamental rights are violated the kashmiri people like any other person in the union of india has a right to move court…btw…how many times have u been to kashmir?? do u know the pakistani operation gibraltar in kashmire failed because the indians(or kashmiris,if u want to call them that way) reported presence of pakistani elements and their intentions of ‘freeing’ them from indian ‘opression’??? dude…stop feeding on pak tv…get real…bite into some international news channels…some indian channels which are also aired in kashmir!(we have cable television here in india?? aint it unreal for pakis??)c’mon man….?? human rights violation in kashmir?? and oppression.?? the only reason the army is there is because a scum army chooses to repeatedly fail itself by attacking something that it is not entitled too and because of those terrorist bastards…man..u dont even live in india?? u dont know shit abt kashmir…just stuff the pakistani misinformation ministry feeds u on..!! we have an elected government here!!we have democracy!!so stop ranting abt opression and crap…get a load of baluchistan first…i really dont know where u guys get all this stuff from…that too when indians dont know abt it??

  20. when terrorists shoot at u..u r not expected to shouting for peace at them..ur not expected to stand up and shout them out their the rights they are entitled to…u r expected to buckle up and fight..the Indian Army has been doing a great job with that…if the army doesnt shoot them they shoot those soldiers…so i dont find nothing wrong with killing em’ bastards..

  21. Hello brazebison…I am an Indian. Yes I have been to kashmir. they don’t call themselves indians. don’t forget pandit nehru granted autonomy to kashmir. its there right to do what they want. Kashmir is like an appendix. We don’t want it at the cost of bloodshed and wars. it will only increase terrorism. believe in gandhiji’s non-violence policy. as for killing terrorists. i think they can maybe shoot them on legs or arms to overpower them, instead of killing them. human rights still have long way to go in india. capital punishment should be banned completely. no crime is worth that inhuman penalty…not even terrorists.

  22. shoot them in the arm or the leg???what do u know about warfare???ever been in a situation where a scum was spraying bullets at you with a kalashnikov…something with a muzzle velocity of 700 m/s and a rate of fire of 650 rounds per second….??i dont think one exactly gets the time to take aim at the opponents leg his arm or overpower(??) him…. dude its a kill or get klled situation out there…and in the first place those scums should be across the border…not trying to mess with us on our u have been to kashmir huh…how many people do u know who have fought there?? u know many people who died there serving the country…i dont think so..and all that ‘half naked fakir’ gandhi’s policies did was delay a freedom long due..all it did was lead us to failure in 1962 chinese aggression…kashmir is an appendix?? suddenly i am not so sure of your statement which suggests that you are indian..kashmir is an integral part of my nation and i dont think i will be giving it up or handing it over to pakistan to reduce the goddam bloodshed…not after kargil 1999…not after the deaths on out side…all these did was make this a personal war for the youth..fired us up..all those officers,nco’s and other ranks who went in there for those 3 months during the war did not think of kashmir as an autonomous land which was not a part of india…they died out there thinking that they died on indian soil…

  23. What a load of crap ! Terrorists are not humans, and they do not deserve any human rights.Human rights are for those who conform to the norms of humanity.I wonder where these Human Rights Faggots are when terrorists are blowing up places. Bah Humbug !

  24. I agree about warfare situation. but it’s not right to right to condemn terrorists because most of them are victims. how can you hold them responsible for the carnage when they were brainwashed right from their childhood? they are fanatics. they think it’s their education. are they to the held responsible for the brainwashing? they have a terrible volatile temprament because of the tough circumstances they had seen their lives. most of them lost their families..thanks to violation of human rights by america. they can be called crazy, mad, angry, but not terrorists.

  25. they deserve rehab. indian government BJP was responsible for the events that took place in kargil. they could have prevented the situation in the past. the point is,,,autonomy. kashmiris should decide what they want. neither india nor pakistan has any right to say anything.

  26. Hahh ahahahah!!! Terrorists deserve Rehab????? Thats a new one… What a joke… And no, terrorists are not trained from their childhood. Most of them join as youths because of their religious teachings which demands for them to kill others of different religions..As braze says, you shoot them straight in the head without a question

  27. do u know..the terrorists who are caught before their god damn crimes are actually rehab-ed?? and as for kashmir…maharaja hari singh had handed it over to india..its too precious a place to lose now!and more than that it a part of india…u goddam paki..terrorists try to kill so they get killed..and the bjp government is responsible for the1999 kargil events?? please elaborate…i can only see a pakistani upto his best! backstabbing!!and a major indian intelligence failure in recognizing the moment across the border to be that of the PA rather than terrorists..

  28. how can u hold then responsible for the carnage??well as individuals with their own thinking powers they choose what they do…hence making them responible for all the destruction.

  29. BJP was celebrating the Lahore bus ride when the intruders were building bunkers in Indian territory. BJP’s policy is always to divide people in the name of religion by giving special favors to hindus and always calling muslims the culprits. why are only muslims assumed to be terrorists? how about tamil and sikh terrorists? how about mizoram? BJP has only brought corruption and destruction. george fernandez, narendra modi, advani, sushma swaraj are all terrorists in disguise. how about the greatestest in the world G.W. Bush? He is responsible for killing more people than all the terrorists. Most of the terrorists are the victims of the colonial atrocities and their so-called war against terrorism. How do you expect a normal man to lead a normal life when they killed his entire family? Most of the terrorists are victims of such torrid circumstances. Their misery has turned them into volatile beings. America was responsible for breeding osama bin laden to dismantle USSR. and now they are violating human rights in iraq and afghanistan after their own dirty tricks boomeranged.

  30. hey …ok….mr bush eh?? so when did mr. bush go crazy?? i guess september 11th…when some men forced by circumstances(real nice people i assume) slammed in airplanes into the world trade centre…fuck those islamist terrorist bastards..they diserve this…sons of bitches preaching on some half assed islamist propoganda that called me and u kafirs..cos i dont believe in their god and possibly because i dont believe in god?? is that my problem?? cos if it is i will be hell bent on making sure those sons of bitches die gory deaths and feel loads of far as the Bjp is concerned its just another political party politicising every issue and sushma swaraj and co. are only as terrorist as every other indian politician is…and when the indian politicians were celeberating the lahore declaration which came after more than 50 years of violence as some hope…evrybody welcomed and celebrated no terrorists in north east are not called islamic terrorists…they are called sons of bastard ulfa..sons of bastard bodoland or wateva..and sikh militants r called pro khalistani and they hardly have much presence here for tamil terrorists thats sri lanka’s problems and i guess they handle it quite well so i dont fucking care about themand also please explain elaborately of the favours extended by BJP to hindus …also what other name do u prefer for islamic terrorists to be known as if not islamic terrorists?? will jim or bob or raju do??

  31. and p.s. the even a lot of the pakistani top brass did not have information of the bunkers being built….thts not called celeberating..thts as i called MAJOR INTELLIGENCE FAILURE TO ANALYSE THE SITUATION!

  32. BJP has time and again instigated religious riots. shiv sena is all about hinduism. only congress is one fair political party. Not all the politicians are bad. We need more resourceful and human rights oriented leaders like sonia ji and manmohan singh. how can you forget the sacrifices made by gandhi family? indira ganhi and rajiv gandhi sacrificed their lives. people have misconceptions about terrorists.the reason terrorists are so powerful today is because america groomed them in the 80s to cause destruction in their rival countries. it’s unfair to condenm their fanatism that was injected into their minds right from their childhood. we should love them unconditionally. Ignorance is lack of knowledge. How can you define darkness? Darkness is lack of light. Similarly evil is lack of good. These things don’t have existence of their own. Do you know many serial killers have a dysfunctional frontal lobe of the brain? most of the terrorists are the same. how can you hate such people?terrorists are victims. you can call them crazy, mad, hostile, serial killers, but don’t hate them. they deserve justice, not revenge or hatred. eye for an eye won’t stop terrorism. they should be dealt ethically like other criminals, following all the procedures of law. many a times police/army tend to kill them in fake encounters after they are captured. is that justice? no, that’s cannibalism.

  33. yo buddy….ur beloved indira ji was shot by her sikh body guards after she stormed the harmandar sahib without taking the sikh community into confidence…and contribution of the gandhi family?? uh please count them out for me…all i can see is an entire family hierarchy ruling this land for the hunger of power and also if u can please put forward the sacrifices ‘sonia ji’ had to make for her adopted country…and terrorists are sick bastards and if u r so concerned about them why dont u go on and join them..whyy dont u go and offer them your unconditional love…please rob us of the discomfort of answering to ur comments paki boy/gal…they desereve justice eh?? well they get it when they are shot thru the head..and cannibalism is eating human flesh…not the way u interpreted

  34. BJP’s philosophies are all about hinduism [people like narendra modi keep talking hinduism] which is not a good thing in a secular country. In Gujarat riots muslims were deemed as culprits just because they were muslims. I can only smell religious propaganda at its best. Indira ji had amiable relations with sikh community. Being the head of a ‘secular’ family, she did what she thought was right to protect her family. She considered every Indian her family, irrespective of their religion because India is supposed to be a secular country. Yes, she should have consulted the sikh community before storming the armed forces. It was a mistake… but surely she didn’t deserve death for this. What about the sikh terrorists who cowardly used the sacred harmandar sahib as a hide-out with their arms and ammunition? They were the ones responsible for this. In any case, Indira ji’s death was tragic. And what happened afterwards was more tragic. As Rajiv Gandhi put it, “when a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes”Sonia ji is a great lady. She lost her husband and yet she decided to serve India. Even though India is not her home country. What more sacrfices can you ask for?As for terrorists, they are retards. How can you even think of killing a retard? Yes, they are dangerous, but it’s the state’s duty to cure them or put them in some maximum security prison. The literal meaning of cannibalism is eating human flesh but in today’s liberal world even taking a human life is not much different from cannibalism. They need help.

  35. No matter how ‘evil’ you think they are. They are still humans maybe and it’s our job to understand the complexity of their nature.

  36. well u go rite ahead and understand their nature…while me and my brothers in the indian army will ensure we pump bullets rite thru their butts…sonia gandhi’s sacrifice is her decision…she has more to gain than to lose from serving this country…indira gandhi took a great decison but without keeping in mind the temprament of this big hearted community called the sikhs…those very sikhs whom at a drop of a hat become galant warriors laughing at death and trying their best to achieve martydom on battlefield…what followed in 1984 was an aghastly incident…killing of members from this brave community…a genocide in delhi…years of terrorism followed…all because of the so called ‘first family of indian politics’…and bjp’s policy is called ‘hindutva’..which according to them is a way of life…not a relegious ideology…now i know as well as anyone that they are assholes..but they were not the culprits of the violence in godhra and its aftermath…and i think ushould go ahead and do ur ‘job’ of understanding terrorists now…stop wasting my time…dont u have a real job??

  37. I am a damn Human Rights activist. My “real” job is to provide justice to directionless criminals.

  38. India has once again abused human rights by giving death penalty to the terrorist. what they dont know is that these people don’t care about their lives. killing them won’t end these things. shame on barbaric indian laws.

  39. what i don't understand is how any of this relates to my friend's dog looking like sandra bullock

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