Now is India one of the un-healthiest countries in the world or what?? Fitness is a thing unheard of. If you tell people you go to the gym, they laugh at you for wasting time. Now, the worst thing is the mentality of the people here. The biggest myth is, Fat=Health. When some fat guy/gal passes by, people say he’s healthy, not fat. How the hell is fat supposed to be good health? You hear people all around you say “You’ve grown thin! That’s so unhealthy!! Why don’t you eat some butter/ghee regularly to gain weight”. Seriously, is this the right way to gain weight? Instead of going to the gym and gaining muscles, people here eat fat, grow fat and are called healthy. Wake up people, the flab rolling around your body is not “HEALTH”. It’s a shortcut to cholestrol, stroke and eventually death. I think, it will take many years before the mentality of the people here changes and then only can the overall health level of the country improve.

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10 thoughts on “Fat=Health?”

  1. Most of such people have traditional mindset. It’s depressing not to find many skinny girls here. Hottie Esha Deol has the perfect figure. I wish more n more gals look like her. Hopefully this generation will be full of healthy and fit people n all the gals will have sexy figure like Esha Deol.

  2. I wonder how the Italians keep fit after some “healthy” helpings of lasagna. Ronit, about the mentality issue, ‘civilized societies’ are more prone to having fat bastards as a regular feature on the road. heck, they’re not fat, just too healthy.

  3. Obese should be treated with contempt. Being fit should be enforced as a style statement. People can do anything to be cool. Hopefully they will try to stay fit.

  4. It’s high time that obese people should be treated with contempt. The amound of food they eat can feed 1-2 poor families in India. They are not cool. Fitness should be made a style statement. How I wish more and more girls have sexy figures like Esha Deol. Even the miss world Aishwariya Rai had to change herself to follow the style statement. Fat should be treated with contempt. They don’t deserve to be a part of the modern society. What do you say Ronit?

  5. Hmm.. I dont think that’s a proper solution.. Well, I’m just talkin about the lazy fatsos not the one with genetic diseases… And dude, it seems you are obsessed with Esha Deol..

  6. Even my solution was for food addicts and lazy bums. I meant no disrespect towards the obese people harmonal imbalance. I’m not an Esha Deol fan but I must confess she has a perfect figure. Every girl should be atleast as thin as her. I even consider Sharon Stone and Sushmita Sen as fat. Of course they aren’t that fat but they ought to thin down.

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