Exams Over..

Well, exams are finally over. So here we are, lazing around in the evening with nothing in mind. So what do we do? We head out for a long drive of course. There’s nothing like a long drive to refresh your mind and uplift your spirits.
So, off we went to Wardha Road at a steady speed of 50 kmph. I have to say that driving at a speed of 50-60 is much more enjoyable than going crazy and twisting the throttle off. We drove for about 60 kilometres, stopped at a dhaba and ate like pigs. We had paneer parathas, curd and lots of butter. After we were almost bursting at our seams, we started our journey back. At this point, the cold almost killed me as I was without a jacket wearing just a measly sweater.Got back to Nagpur in an hour to have hot coffee at shanky. Also clocked 30,000 kms on my bike on the way back.

Was dead tired when some friend called us to his place for bakar(useless conversation). Did bakar till 2:30, came back and fell asleep.

Woke up at 6 in the morning dying of hunger. Had an accident a few days ago, hurt my shoulder then. Didn’t think about it much but it was hurting bad now. Went in the freezing cold to shanky to finish off 3 plates of poha. Came back just in time to watch the sun rise, had a painkiller and writing this blog waiting for the pain to subside.
Well, I’m off to sleep now. God knows when I’ll wake up. Good Morning!

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3 thoughts on “Exams Over..”

  1. Yea.. The woohoo feeling doesnt last long… Used to like that when i first started ridin.. but over it now..

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