United 93

United 93
Went for movie today afternoon show. The movie was United 93. Since the reviews were good on yahoo movies, decided to give it a try. The movie infact was quite OK. But the thing that made it intolerable was the shaking camera. Maybe the Cameraman had Parkinsons or maybe they did it deliberately to spice up the movie but the results were horrible. By interval, everyone had a headache and I felt like throwing up. Some people even decided to go beat up the guy who operates the projector. I contented myself with going off to sleep and waking up much later feeling much fresh. Epilepsy patients beware! The constant screen shaking and the bright flashing lights may trigger an attack.
Rest, life is boring. Spending most of my money on bowling which I am now addicted to. Have return tickets to nagpur for the 18th but may run out of patience early and go back before 18th.

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