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hey there!

well i have been thinking for sometime to let everyone know about stray dogs. please dont hate stray dogs. dogs are the man’s best friend, and also they are totoally dependent on us. nature provides food for every animal,cows-grass(not what you are thinking) ,snakes-rats, rats-grains, pigs-roots,cats can prey on fish, birds and also others foods(without permission)…..but dogs are alone in this worls whose food is totally supplied by us. especially stray dogs…people dont feed them over that they pick up a stone and hit them..i mean why on earth would you do something like that. i hate these kind of people. and every person with a heart and a little mind must hate them like me too. so from now on please dont hit them, if dont wanna feed them its ok ….but dont kill them. Mark twain said “pick up a stray dog, feed him and make him prosperous…the doog will never bite you…will always protect you till he lives…and that is where a dog is different from man”.

love you

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