Stupid Nokia Guys

Yesterday my phone got soaked in rain along with me. So took the phone to the Nokia Care Center People. After a long wait, they made me a job sheet. Just take a look at it if you may. Click on the image to open a bigger version..

Here are a few details I would like to point out:-

  1. If I dictate the address as “57”, how can anyone write “ST” instead of that?? I can understand someone may make that mistake while copying but how the hell if Idictate it?
  2. “Diamond Harbour” is spelled as “Dimond Habra”.
  3. 23 is written as 25
  4. I dictated 2 mobile numbers of mine. The stupid guy there has liberally added, subtracted the digits from my mobile numbers till the final numbers are 11 digits in length. Wow!!
  5. “Connected” is “Cannected”. The spelling is in sync with their pronunciation.
  6. “Liquid Damage” is “Liquied Dammege”
  7. “Warranty” is “Warrenty”

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