How to get over depression effectively..

Here, from personal experience, I am going to explain how to get over depression effectively and permanently, with the help of a graphical depiction. Time is denoted in the X-Axis and Level of Happiness in the Y-Axis.. The Dark blue horizontal line depicts the zero-level of happiness. The border where happiness turns into depression and vice-versa. The graph is denoted by a light blue line when it is in the happiness zone and by a red line as it enters depression. Points 1 and 2 show common depression ridding techniques like meeting friends, having chocolate or listening to music. As you can see, the graph enters the blue, happiness zone momentarily before sinking into depression again. Also, as you can see, repeated attempts of such techniques cause gradually lower durations of happiness and greater durations of depression. Also, eventually after sometime passes, this procedure doesn’t work at all and you are in a continuous state of depression. Is this the right way to do things??

The Answer is –No!! You deserve much better.

Welcome to Scurvy Dawg’s technique of getting over depression, the quick way. It’s like pulling your tooth out with a jerk. Or, Jerking the tape off your hairy skin.

Next time you go into depression, don’t fight it.. Allow yourself to be gradually consumed by it. Sink deeper and deeper into the gloom. You would feel terrible. You may even cry(It actually helps, believe me) but it would help in the long run. When you think that there’s nothing left going for you, you would hit the threshold of depression. Believe me my friend, if you have reached this far, things CANNOT get worse. Now begins the fast healing process. Observe how the graph rises rapidly. You are gradually cleansing yourself. You are getting rid of all expectations from life. Come on, what you don’t expect can’t fail you. When you cross the happiness barrier and enter into a state of happiness, you cannot help but feel good for yourself. It’s like formatting your hard disk and re-installing the O.S. A new start.. Hope people who have the guts to use this technique are successful..

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6 thoughts on “How to get over depression effectively..”

  1. Yes, but that method was completely different as you can see.. And also, that works only in the movies and not in real life. Wish it was that easy..

  2. anonymous, what you says is absolutely right, ur word is the truth and watever you say will be considered final..

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