Lazy Bastard..

Yeah.. That’s what I have become.. I was surprised today to see that a few people still visit my blog. Well the reason why I don;’ blog these days is not that I am too busy to blog. It’s because I have nothing to do at all.. Yeah. That’s exactly what I have been doing lately.. Nothing at all.. I go to office in the mornings, work all day, come back in the evening, laze around, watch TV, read a little and go to sleep. On sundays, extend the sleeping, watching TV and reading hours. Yeah, I have also got my hands on a PSP on which I like playing Grand Theft Auto. It is so much fun running over people with your Hummer or shooting them in the neck so as to decapitate them. I have been doing nothing productive at all. Haven’t touched the guitar in months, haven’t exercised in months. Have had lots of beer and have slept a lot too. Well, I have thought that it’s time to get off my lazy ass and start doing some stuff. Will be starting exercising from tomorrow again and will buy new strings for the guitar this week. Will lay off the beer for a while I guess. Have tried posting this a few times before but my internet connection gives up at the last moment and I haven;t had the energy to do it all over again. He He. Expcect to be posting more frequently from now on.

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