Why I hate kids..

Because they are disgusting. All of them. I cannot stand them and I hate them. Kids of all age groups suck. The really tiny ones are bad. They look so slimy always covered with drool, piss & shit. They are bawling most of the time and never let anyone sleep within a 20 meter radius. They are in their best form at night when everyone has to sleep. One gets to experience this often if they tries to sleep in the train or an airplane. You just cover up your ears the best you can and hope you die and end the suffering. The ones a little bigger are the worst. They are always running around, full of unlimited energy and make your life hell. They are at their best during the daytime. They break stuff and ruin things. One can experience them in action in malls, restaurants. It makes you wanna strangle the little twerps till they die. The ones in their pre-teens are full of attitude. They think they are better than others and make fun of people behind their backs. You fucking bastards it takes one tight slap to bring you back to your senses. I hate you kids.. I hate you..

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2 thoughts on “Why I hate kids..”

  1. Haha. This is hilarious. I hate kids. Scurvy, what will you do about kids when you get married?Btw, it’s nice to see you blogging regularly. I missed these hilarious posts.

  2. We will see then. In fact, there have been arguments regarding this on a few occasions.. Heh Heh

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