Rahul Dravid

Poor guy. Some talented people(like me) are never appreciated in this world. Take Rahul Dravid. This guy’s career has been full of nothing but bad luck & criticism. Started playing for the Indian Cricket team in 1996. Was soon dropped after. Showed commendable performance in tests but never really managed to click in the one dayers. He’s one of the only three Indian batsmen who have scored 10000 runs in test cricket. Also scored a msssive 461 runs in the 1999 world cup and was the top scorer too. He has a reputation of consistency in test matches and the inability of the bowlers to remove him from the pitch. None of this seems to have satisfied critics. Poor guy has been dropped from the team so many times, even he may not remember on a particular day if he is in the team or not. Was made the Indian team captain in 2005 but resigned a couple of years later due to intense criticism. Now, the captain of IPL Royal Challengers, he has sucked even more. It hurts to see a player seasoned for test matches trying to score boundaries and hit sixes fruitlessly and failing miserably. His team has won only 1 of the 4 matches till now and future chances don’t look that good. In the last match against chennai, poor guy got out on the first ball and later was made fun of by the TV channels. After the match Dravid was sitting dejected by the side while his players were smiling and giving interviews. It’s sad to see a good player being made to do something he’s not made to do and then being ridiculed.

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5 thoughts on “Rahul Dravid”

  1. Not as much cricket as much as the person.. Played reasonably well today though

  2. It’s not surprising in this country where Ham-Rukh Khan is considered as the best actor. DDLJ is supposed to be the greatest film. Himesh Reshammiya is the “rock star”. Himesh Reshammiya is the best singer. And now he is a commercially successful actor. Way to go. The same thing is happening in Indian cricket. Talentless hoodlums have become starts and a genuine talent (who has contributed to India’s victories more than other punks) like Rahul Dravid is ignored.

  3. Yes. I know. Even cricketers who look better(long hair) and do more commercials and ride bikes are considered cool. I don’t watch cricket much nor am I a great fan of Rahul Dravid but these things sometimes make me feel bad. A shame.. Himesh Reshammiya is a disgrace on this country. Even salman khan with long hair and dancing on the screen is a rock star..

  4. huzooooooooooooor !!! teraaan teraaan teraaaan suroooooooooooooor !Nopes, cant’ ape him . Gotta get more nasal.He’s the best rockstar ever. Death to all infidels.

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