One place where you can always find freaks in excess is orkut. Here is one of them.

Calls himself the “Sexiest guy in town”. Well, the question is, if the guy really is the sexiest guy in town, why does he have a photo of Vin Diesel on his profile? Apparently, the guy’s biggest passion is girls. The activity he engages himself in is “Making love”. As usual, the music that he likes is “Rock”. I don’t understand why people think listening to rock would make them look cool. And after that they mention their favorite band as “linik park”. Ha Ha!! Thanks to such freaks, people like us have something(one) to laugh at from time to time.

4 thoughts on “Freak..”

  1. Is listening to Linkin Park has become a status symbol in India? Jeez.

  2. no, it’s a sign of being “cool”. And it’s linik park.. He he

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