The Loner

As the famous saying goes, everyone comes to this world alone and everyone leaves this world alone. People might argue otherwise but then those people are naive and living in a delusionary state. The only people who give a damn about you are your parents. Everyone else is just there in your good times. People might tell you they care about you, but all they care about is the good time you give them. If you’re boring, you have no friends. If you’re funny and entertaining, everyone’s your friend. Friends are very nice to you till you go to movies with them, hang out with them and crack jokes with them. They’re at their very best when you’re drinking with them. When you’re down and need something more than fun, you’ll suddenly find yourself all alone. They’ll keep watching movies, hanging out and drinking with someone else. This is because noone in this whole damn world gives a fuck about you at all when you don’t provide entertainment for them. All the promises of friendship and companionship go for toss at one point or the other. So, respect and love your parents because they’ll be the only ones who’ll be there when you need someone the most. I myself have started thinking only of myself when doing anything at all because as much you think of others, they’ll come back and screw you in the ass. One day you’ll find yourself fucked by anyone and everyone and bleeding at the side of the road with your “friends” and loved ones passing by you on the way to the disco.

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