Deja Vu, some very wierd experiences

This seems straight out of the Final Destination movies. Today when I was sleeping in the afternoon, I had a vivid dream that I was in the CERN large Hadron Collider making some repairs with some other people when it strikes that if someone wants, they can switch it ON with me inside it and there’s nothing I can do about it. Now, the large Hadron Collider is a circular tunnel located 100m underground and has a circumference of 27km and used to conduct particle physics experiments. The weirdest part is that after I woke up and started reading the newspaper, the collider was mentioned the international section. It was sort of very strange. It’s certainly not a popular news item so why should it be in the newspaper on the same day I am dreaming about it? Also, even though I had read of the collider long ago somewhere in some novel, I hadn’t heard of it recently. I vividly remember that in my dream, I asked someone how long the tunnel is and he told me approx. 17 miles and I even calculated how long it would take us to circle it completely on foot. Now, when I came to office and looked up the collidor in wikipedia, it’s circumference was mentioned as 27km. When I convert this to miles, 27km= 27*0.621371192 = 16.7 miles!!! Which is almost the same as in my dream. Now, however long ago I had read of the collider, there’s no way I could have remembered this statistical detail and even then, it’s almost right.

Also, going through wikipedia I learnt that the first attempt to circulate a beam through the entire LHC is scheduled for September 10, 2008, only a few days from today. Creepy!!

Today in office I was walking through the second floor having just vended a couple of Perk chocolates from the vending machine when I felt the impulse to sing the song “Pour some sugar on me”. After I reached my desk and signed on to gtalk, I saw that one of my friend’s status was “Pour some sugar on me”!!! This really freaked me out!!!

What this means, I have no idea. If I go by the final destination movie rules, maybe I am about to really visit the collider on the 10th by some freak chance and the Def Leppard band members will switch it on and I will be bombarded with sub-atomic particles and meet my fate.. Maybe travel in time. Maybe I will even mutate into a superhero.. But certainly I will keep a lookout for more of these freak coincidences

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4 thoughts on “Deja Vu, some very wierd experiences”

  1. dude .. if all this is happening .. dont need a particle beam to make u a super hero .. u r alrdy one !!and learn how to do all this … may be u can help me with my future .. and tell me my xam papers !!!:P

  2. In my defence, Pour Some Sugar on Me was certainly NOT aimed at you, Faggot !Yeah, and btw, the CERN-Large Hadron Collider has been all over the news and the papers so big deal you pooped on ur nuts frightened the world’s comin to an end. Oh yeah, and you have too much booze flowin thru ur veins; try asprin ,lemon and some sunlight.

  3. i havent slept at night for weeks now.. hmm.. the large hadron collider was in times of india only yesterday, i checked the paper for 2 weeks before that..

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