Deshdrohi.. (The one who betrays his own country)


This is a goofy trailer of a movie doing the rounds on Tv these days. The name of the movie is “Deshdrohi”. It’s based on the atrocities committed by Raj Thakrey’s goons against “North Indians” namely biharis. The guy is shown to be threatened by a police inspector on the phone and called a bhikhari(beggar). To which he replies “Hey Inspector.. Mera naam rajkumar singh yadav hai.. aur yadav sirf raaja hota hai.. bhikhari kabhi nahi banta..” (Hey inspector, my name is rajkumar singh yadav. and a yadav is always a king, never becomes a beggar). He is also shown to be beaten by marathi manoos after which he starts fighting for his rights and kills manoos either by punching them in the groin or the face by the dozen. He even shoots policemen armed with sticks without remorse. Meanwhile he also finds the time to romance a girl, sing love songs with her but finally meets with an obviously very painful end alone in the dark streets.

I wonder who agreed to produce this movie and why. Maybe they thought it would be a big hit in Bihar and the bihari rickshaw wallas kicked out from maharashtra can compensate for what was done to them by watching this.

The actor Kamaal R Khan looks like an asshole and every serious dialogue he throws at his enemies with passion just causes us to laugh at him. His hairstyle is a throwback to the 50s and the emotions and expressions essayed by him are really over the top. If you are a tormented bihari kicked out from the state of maharashtra, then seriously go and watch this movie.

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9 thoughts on “Deshdrohi.. (The one who betrays his own country)”

  1. i caught a glimpse of this future blockbuster too…KRK is sure as hell going to be as big as SRK some day given his intense dialogue delivery skills…he almost reminds me of yesteryears’ Manoj Kumar a.k.a BHARAT kumar…i see a potential superstar here…

  2. Hi Aditya, welcome and I hope this is not your last time. It’s no wonder he himself produced the movie. Only he can cast himself as the actor.. I won’t be surprised if it’s he himself who has written the dialogies too..

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