Had a very eventful Saturday. Woke up late as usual around 2 PM. Picked up goru and went to meet ARC to CP in the evening. Went to a pub called blues in the outer circle. A guy was singing love duets with some girl strumming a guitar and playing the rest of the instruments through fruity loops or saw on his laptop. No one was least interested in him until he played some GnR song and Goru sang with him in his usual Axel Rose-ish way. The crowd started cheering and girls whistling. After 3 beers each, when people started calling Goru a rock-star, we felt the insult and left, delhi being a place where people also call himesh a rock star..

We tried buying tickets for Quantum of Solace, but couldn’t find any tickets and drunk as we were, we decided to watch Deshdrohi. After grabbing a bite at Mac Donalds, we went into the hall. There was a psycho foreign woman there who was pushing us for no reason at all, away from her seat. Goru called her a racist and offered her coke on which she gave a shocked expression and went away.

The movie started with a scene of KRK getting beaten up by goons and Gracy Singh coming to his rescue. Scene after scene, we get to see the 5 feet tall KRK (wearing high heels of 6 inches and still looking shorter than Gracy) getting discriminated against and getting beaten up by various marathi manoos. All the dialogues, he delivers with passion and tears brimming in his eyes. When he can take it no more, he transforms into a balls squashing screaming superhero and starts killing people. We couldn’t take it any more after the interval and left. After wandering around for sometime, we decided to go inside again and watch the rest of the movie. The usher said that’s not possible and drove us out of the theater. That was the limit of insult.. Us not being allowed to watch Deshdrohi.. How desperate can one be? We burst out laughing at this and left.

On our way to a Cafe Coffee Day outlet, we saw a Sports Bar with a sign outside it announcing that Bobby Cash was playing there. We went inside and ordered more beer and felt pity at watching the guy who was once in Australian Top 10 charts playing at a Connaught Place bar. The guy played amazing. He was playing the 6th string as a bass roll with his thumb, playing lead with his little finger and strumming chords with the rest all at once. It was amazing!! It was like 3 people playing three different guitars. After sometime when we ran out of cash for more beer, we left and sat at ccd where we devoured chocolate fantasy and cafe mocha.

On the way back, with my knuckles and fingers freezing with cold, as I was about to overtake a parked car from the left, he suddenly started moving left without any indicator and I slammed into him at a speed of 80kmph. Thankfully we weren’t thrown off and we didnt fall down. But somehow my leg touched the engine/silencer and got burnt at some places. Inspecting the damage revealed a bent leg-guard and brake pedal which got straightened with some persuasion. Went home, listened to some good music and will sleep in sometime.

I have realized something that whatever pub, bar I go to, nothing can match Wednesday and Friday nights at someplace else.. The feeling is incomparable.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday..”

  1. quite an eventful evening i must say…but this seems to have become the story of ur life…u go to CP..get into some pub hoping to listen to some good music and 9 out of 10 times u come out dissappointed…get some beer…on the way back u crash ur bike into someone…u come bck home…listen to music again…and go to sleep…goru is of course one common factor in all this…the surprising part was definitely the “deshdrohi” act…man u got some balls to watch even half of that movie…hehehe…

  2. no man.. i didnt go to tc.. in fact i forgot its nameMan, its not the same thing. Last time I went to South Ext. It’s different this time.. It was a nice movie man.. You got to see it once.. Actually the best way to watch this movie is with nagour friends all together.. it’ll be a blast..

  3. man i would love to have all the NGP gang together … and go to Shanky , have poha … do some stuff @ the maggie outlet in college ….yah do u want Tc’s addrs again ??take junkie with you as well

  4. TC is in malviya nagar if i’m not wrong??thats really close to my office actually…and yah wud be real fun going to that blockbuster with the shanky gang..and shouting tumcha aila at all of KRK’s histrionics…hehehe…

  5. I warn you not to shout anything of that sort.. The bihari crowd in the theater seemed very dedicated to KRK and would not forgive you if you sided with the mathhas.

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