To the 15(16?) year old wannabe

The post below was written a few years back, but somehow did not get published. I think it is about a girl whose blog I used to follow, though I am not sure.

Ah! It would be fair to start with the fact that you are as immature as your blog. I know that some people don’t age mentally as fast as they do chronologically, but they are immature in different ways. Remember the 10 year old kids telling each other how they had 10 servants, a huge swimming pool, how much money their dad earned??? That’ s how immature you are. Now, to rock. There are three categories of people there.

  1. People who love rock.
  2. People who don’t love rock.
  3. Wannabes

Sorry to say but you belong to the third category. You try to show that you are a rocker to be COOL!! You try to show that you are THE ROCKER. You post things about rock on your blog. But dear, have you told everyone that you like 50 cent? A person’s love for rock is not reflected by his ability to memorise the names of lots of bands, his bragging off or anything else. It comes from deep inside from his love for the music. Converting to buddhism to show how similar you are to Kurt Cobain doesn’t show your love for rock. It’s an insult both to Cobain and to the religion. You claim you are the President of the Buddhist Club of your society. I am sure the club has more wannabes and 10 years in it with nothing better to do. You claim to drink. Again, the ability to drink doesn’t show how cool you are. I am sure that wiff you had from that vodka resulted in a hangover. Also, Green Day is not punk rock. By puttin it in the category of punk, you are insulting great punk bands like The Ramones and the Sex pistols.The only thing that connects you to rock are your manly sideburns which make you look like Elvis Presley. In fact, you would make a great elvis presley impersonator.

All your emails end with the link to your blog. Frankly, doing this only shows your desparate attempts to draw people to your blog. Jumping your sitemeter to 1600 from 100 is not the ethical thing to do. Also, your terrible immaturity is reflected in your msn status messages. Ok, you spent some time with your friend and you thought it was great but that’s no need to put that up as your status message. Frankly, it makes me think you have no real friends. Also, playing flight simulator for hours on your computer doesn’t make you a pilot. Believe me, it’s a lot different in a real cockpit.

I know these few days are very hard for you(We know why!!) but do try to grow up and hang out with people more your mental age(10). And remove the link of my blog from your’s. It’s embarassing..

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13 thoughts on “To the 15(16?) year old wannabe”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha! this bitch sucks man! she probably pretends that she drinks and has sex too! i think she will die a virgin or go on and have sex with someone as soon as she reads this comment,just to show that she is cool and that she can have sex! ha ha ha ha! talk to her and tell me if this is true!

  2. They are the most coolest people. They pretend to be oblivious of their knowledge of hindi for they can only speak english. They are brand conscious people. Cool. But who is a wannabe Odditiy or organized confusion???

  3. There’s nothing wrong with wannabes. One has to be a wannabe to be part of elite high socities. Gone are those days when children were taught to be humble and not to show off. Being wannabes makes them excel in the competitive corporate world. Their ability to brag and manipulate truth helps them in cracking interviews. Of course, in the end one has to work hard to be successful. In your case the wannabe pretends to love rock but in some societies people who don’t like hip hop or who don’t party are looked down upon. Wannabes adapt themselves according to the surroundings.

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