Bleak night

No, this is not a futuristic laser weapon. It’s my bike’s headlight. The way it looks like this is because it’s trying to penetrate the thick fog before dying midair before managing to reach the road. Fog conditions here were at it’s worst tonight with visibility down to a few meters. The journey back home from office which usually takes a few minutes took almost 20 minutes. I couldn’t drive faster than 20kmph lest I bang into someone or a truck mow me down. When i did reach home, my clothes were soaking wet. A fun experience after all riding like that. The uncertainty of what lay ahead and whether you’re still on the road drove into a ditch.

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4 thoughts on “Bleak night”

  1. oooooo…cryptmaster seems to have become quite liberal with his comments these days….good sign!!!i was in a similar situation this morning when my car’s horn decided to give it a miss for the day…imagine me driving in similar conditions, and to compensate for the sad demise of the horn – music system blaring with the windows rolled down, headlights on and trying not to yell at and hit every silly biker driving smack in the middle of the road as i get late for office…man that was horrible!!!

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