Too much to do, too little time

Lately I have been feeling that I’ve been trying to do too much in my life but don’t have enough time to do it. Time flows by like a river and boredom is a thing I haven’t experienced for a long time. Here’re what I do all week.

During the weekdays, I wake up at 12.30, go out for sometime, come back home at 2, take a bath, play games from 2.30 to 3.30, do a little office work, have my lunch at 4, leave for office at 4.30, come back at 3 in the morning, watch seinfeld and listen to music and sleep at 4.

Saturdays I wake up around 1, play games, watch tv and then go out at around 5 in the evening, roam around cp, relax with a couple of beers, have dinner and come back around 1 at night. Watch a movie or play games and sleep around 4 in the morning. Sundays are similar except that I have to take my parents out instead. Add to all this my chronic laziness.

Here’s a list of things that I really want to do but am too lazy to start or continue

  1. Play guitar and learn some new songs. Watching my guitar gathering dust makes me want to hate myself.
  2. Start exercising again. Shoulders drooping, belly likewise.
  3. Start using my bike more and avoiding the car. I really love my bike and it’s gathering dust.
  4. Watch some good movies. I’ve some really good classics downloaded for months but haven’t watched them.
  5. Read some good books.
  6. Study for my ccnp exams. It’s high time I studied for these exams, otherwise my last exam’s validity will expire.
  7. Ride the metro more
  8. Watch travel and living more.
  9. Read the newspaper.
  10. Play GTA IV more often so that I can finish it and buy a new game before my graphics card goes obsolete.
  11. Meet old school friends who are in the same city but I haven’t met them yet.
  12. Just sit and relax and do nothing for a change.

Whenever I think of these things and how my life has changed for the worse ever since I started working, I start hating myself.

Seems like my life has no purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Too much to do, too little time”

  1. doode..all our lives are going in pretty much the same gear after college…so dont get too disheartened…at least u'r back to blogging..good that u hav a list of things to do…just try and “do” them for a change…life wud be better for sure..

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