Home Garden – Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a stem-less perennial plant which typically flowers during the summer. Here’s a good website with more information about this plant.

Aloe Vera
My Aloe Vera

One day, I noticed a smaller aloe vera plant growing along with the original one in the same pot, so I transplanted it to a smaller pot.

Little Sister

I keep the big one in direct sunlight and the little one in partial shade.

This plant requires almost no maintenance except occasional fertilizing.

I water it between twice a week during peak winters and every day during peak summers. I fertilize it every 2 months or depending on when it shows signs of growth.

If you cut or puncture one of the leaves, a sticky gel comes out and the cut tip fuses in a few days and self heals. I believe I am supposed to put the gel on my skin when I get sunburnt, but the Lockdown doesn’t allow me to get one.

Here’re some good tools which will help you with your gardening.

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  1. Didn’t you get one (sunburn) when you went to the main gate for getting some courier?

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